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                    Sokol ...... So Much More!

“Sokol… So Much More!”


The visual presentation, “Sokol… So Much More!” is intended as a basic informational production primarily for Sokol members between the ages of 12 years and adulthood. It describes the uniqueness of the Sokol movement; its history, scope and philosophy. The presentation is arranged in four parts, each lasting about 5 to7 minutes. Each part contains a review of the previous part to help our members remember the basic information. Before going to the second and following parts, take the time to think about what you have learned in the preceding parts.


                “Sokol… So Much More!”, instructs members as to the benefits of participation primarily in Sokol gymnastic activities and refers often to the sport of gymnastics. But, it is critical to understand that in a more in-depth study of the Sokol System the word “gymnastics” is used in the broad sense of the term. It encompasses much more than the narrow contemporary use of the word, “gymnastics”. The Sokol System divides human movement (exercise) in the following terms:


  1. various kinds of exercises by individuals without the use of apparatus (example: calisthenics);
  2. various kinds of exercises by individuals on gymnastic apparatus or with various types of hand implements (example: modern rhythmic gymnastics);
  3. cooperative exercises by two or more individuals (example: pyramid building);
  4. opposing exercises of two or more individuals (various resistive exercises).


A comprehensive study of the Sokol system of “gymnastics” in the English language can be found in the book, “Sokol Gymnastic Manual, New and Revised Version” by Stephen J. Banjak published by the Slovak Gymnastic Union Sokol, USA in 1993.

ISBN 0-912981-23-7.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 93-83580