Sokol USA
Farrell, Pennsylvania

          Sister Sokol Club Agreement 1996

The Affirmation of the Sister Sokol Agreement Between

Sokol USA Farrell and T.J. Sokol Vranov, Slovak Republic


                On June 29, 1996 Sokol USA Farrell signed a "Sister Sokol Club Agreement" with TJ Sokol Vranov n/Topľou in the Eastern Sokol District in Slovakia, the first such agreement between a Slovak Sokol unit in the United States and a unit in Slovakia.  Representatives from Slovakia, Brothers Jan Krišanda and Mikulaš Svoreň signed for Sokol Vranov and for Sokol Farrell, President, Steve Banjak and Recording Secretary, Aggie Patrick signed the “Agreement”.  An audience of about 125 Sokol members and friends witnessed the signing which took place at the 90th Anniversary Celebration of our unit at Oak Tree Country Club.  In addition, a historical flag with a large white falcon on a red field, the name of our organization and the date of our founding was dedicated at this most important and historical occasion.  


                Those included in the signing ceremony, pictured below are (front row from the left):  brother Milan Kovac, National Secretary, Sokol USA; signer and President for Sokol Farrell, brother Steve Banjak; sister Ellen Kovac, Editor of “Sokol Times”; sister Donna Ekis, Sokol Farrell Treasurer; sister Maria Krišanda, Sokol Vranov; sister Betty Banjak, Sokol Farrell Financial Secretary; (back row from left): brother Stephen Banjak, Sokol Farrell Director of Men’s Programs; brother Andrew Churlik, Sokol Farrell Vice President; signer and President, brother Mikulaš Svoreň, Sokol Vranov; signer and Recording Secretary, sister Aggie Patrick, Sokol Farrell; brother Donald Patrick, Sokol Farrell Juvenile Branch Chairman; signer and Financial Secretary brother Jan Krišanda, Sokol Vranov.