Sokol USA
Farrell, Pennsylvania

                 Sister Sokol Club Reaffirmation 2001

Reaffirmation of the Sister Sokol Agreement Between

Sokol USA Farrell and T.J. Sokol Vranov, Slovak Republic

And the First Official Visit of Sokol Vranov nad/Topľou to Farrell


                On July 7, 2001 over 125 members and friends attended the 95th Anniversary Celebration of our club at the Oak Tree Country Club in West Middlesex. Celebrating this historical milestone with us and making their first official visit since the original signing of our Sister Sokol Club Agreement in 1996 were 27 Sokol members from T.J. Sokol Vranov and Župa (District) Jan Kollar of the Slovak Republic. A highlight of the evening was the signing of the “Reaffirmation of the Sister Sokol Clubs Agreement” between representatives of Sokol USA Farrell and those of Sokol Vranov n/Topľou of Slovakia. Signing for Sokol Farrell were brother Steve Banjak, President and sister Aggie Patrick, Recording Secretary. Signing for T.J. Sokol Vranov nad/Topľou were brother Mikulaš Svoreň, President and brother Ján Krišanda, Financial Secretary.



The First Official Visit of Sokol Farrell to Sokol Vranov nad/Topľou


                The first official Sokol USA Farrell delegation to visit Sokol Vranov in 1998 also participated in the 1st Sokol na Slovensku Slet held in Košice: Pictured below at an official welcoming ceremony in the Vranov Town Hall are (Front row from left) sister Adelaide Darula of Sokol Byram, CT and a strong supporter of the efforts of Sokol Farrell; sister Stephanie Banjak, Sokol Farrell; sister Amanda Allan, Sokol Farrell; The Mayor of Vranov, sister Becky Michael, Sokol Farrell; brother President Steve Banjak, Sokol Farrell; sister Denise Pegg, Sokol Farrell; brother Chuck Balik, Sokol Farrell; brother Andrej Krišanda, Sokol Vranov, (Back row) brother Jan Krišanda, Sokol Vranov; the Mayor’s Secretary and brother Mikulaš Svoreň, Sokol Vranov, brother Stephen J. Banjak, Sokol Farrell Director of Men; brother Andrew P. Churlik, Sokol Farrell Vice President.

Since the original signing, Sokol Vranov has made three official visits to our club and Sokol Farrell has made three official visits in Slovakia. Regular communications are made by post, telephone and e-mail. The most recent new activity is the beginning of “pen pal” relationships between Sokol athletes in Farrell and their counterparts in Vranov.