Sokol USA
Farrell, Pennsylvania

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Monthly Meetings:

Regular monthly membership meetings are held on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month beginning at 7:30 PM. No meetings will be held in January, July and August of each year. Our ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS IS HELD ON THE FIRST SUNDAY IN JUNE.

Upcoming membership meetings are scheduled for:      

2020:             November 3;          December 1;        

2021:             February 2;             March 2;            April 6;          May 4.          September 7;         October 5.

  • 2021 Annual Meeting shall be held on Sunday June 6 at 2:00pm. 
    • Normally classes are not held in July and August
    • Classes usually begin the Third Monday in September
    • Registration occurs on the first day one begins class.
    • Please come dressed prepared to take part in class.
    • First two classes are free.
      • All Children 3 to 9 years
      • Children 10 to 11 years (with little or no gymnastic experience)
      • Children 12 years and older

Gymnastic Class Registration

Cost: Options are available. Please take advantage of the first two free lessons… options will be explained.   We are a non-profit organization… offer many advantages compared to a for-profit club.

Mondays – 6:00 to 7:00 PM:  Males and Females:                                                                                                                                                 (AGE GROUPS WILL BE CO-MINGLED AND SEPARATED AT APPROPRIATE TIMES.)

Emphasis is primarily on introducing boys and girls to basic gymnastic skills and to progress through various levels of difficulty according to their readiness. They are presented with opportunities to safely learn to develop kinesthetic awareness, speed, hand-eye as well as gross body coordination, balance, strength and aesthetic movement. By doing so, they can experience success as well as learn to gain confidence in their abilities and in overcoming obstacles.

Mondays – 7:15 to 8:30 PM: Males and Females.

Sokol classes are intended to prepare students to participate in “recreational gymnastic competition”.  Emphasis is primarily on learning new skill progressions, on routine building and perfection based on USAG compulsories (and EXCEL program - females) as well as basic dance movements as they pertain to gymnastics. Students usually have an opportunity to compete one to three times per season and are taught to compete “with”, as opposed to competing to proceed to Home Page